EmonTX-shield with esp8266 D1 mini

I loaded the emontx-3phase v1.4 to Arduino One with EmonTX-shield. (3-wire setting)
settings: #define EMONESP, no serialprint, no debugging

Also loaded latest EmonESP to an ESP8266 D1 Mini (build with Arduino) (adjusted baud rate to 9600 -line41 as documented)

RX and TX connected to other device RX and TX (yes, i’m aware of the voltage diff…)

This is the direct serial output of the EmonTX:

When i connect the D1 Mini i receive this:


When i troubleshoot; during receiving data on the EmonESP it give’s a “Got…” result. So that’s good. But when connected to the EmonTX it will communicate bi-directional. So when the EmonTX recieve known characters it will execute those like show config… like shown in screenshot.

In what direction should i search further to get this properly working with this D1 Mini module?

Are you asking if it is possible for the 3-phase sketch to ignore the incoming characters that are used for calibration?

If so, there is no inbuilt mechanism to do that, can you prevent the receiving device from transmitting the data that is interpreted as a request to show the calibration? Maybe not connect the Tx line on the emonTx?

If you cannot do that, you need to comment out line 494 in the main file:


but then you will never be able to calibrate the sketch on-line - you will need to change the calibration constants in the sketch and reload it.

Thanks Robert,
I have taken time to check everything… I ended in disconnecting all, reflash arduino and ESP, connecting and all works fine now. Initially i had to connect the RX also which was strange… That’s why the issue’s exists.
Now only TX on emonTX and works fine now between emonTXshield and emonESP (D1 mini)