Emontx-shield compile error with Visual Studio Code/

Made this change to platformio.ini from the repository. Seems like the format of this library ‘JeeLib @c057b5f4c0’ was causing my issue.

lib_deps = 
        DallasTemperature @ 3.7.7
        jeelabs/[email protected]+sha.635113edea

Also manually installing the library updated the platformio.ini file

# /root/.platformio/penv/bin/pio pkg install -l jeelabs/JeeLib#c057b5f4c0

And I had to delete the ./pio directory in the firmware dir.

I have attached the error message here, but this message really did not help me find the issue. I just happened to stumble across this document.
pio_error.txt (4.5 KB)

What is this about? I can’t see any previous activity from you that you might be referring to.

Are you asking for help, or what?

Figured it might help someone else out with Visual Studio Code/PlatformIO errors. If the change to the library format in platformio.ini is correct I will create a pull request. When I got errors I searched on this forum and did not find much for my error.


Out of context, your post didn’t mean a lot - there’s no indication of what your problem was - other than a compiler error, so a solution without identifying the problem isn’t going to help many people. This is why I questioned your post.

I have seen little mention of VS here, which probably explains why you didn’t find anything to help you.

Yes, I think @glyn.hudson made this change a while ago.

PlatformIO isn’t used normally as @Robert.Wall sticks to Arduino IDE.

I raised a similar issue a while back on a different Repo Change to PIO means Library must be manually downloaded · Issue #20 · openenergymonitor/EmonTxV3CM · GitHub

It does seem daft to not use the power of PlatformIO and just pull the right library in directly from GitHub and also helps with build control (which version of the libraries are included) which Arduino IDE simple doesn’t do.

However, this only applies where we use PIO for building executeables (although I have built and uploaded the TX3 code directly on a Serial Connected Pi - so it is possible).