emonTx Shield Arduino

hello, i’m new in this kind of topics, but i’m working in a measuring proyect, so i found this shield for arduino.

I saw that the emontx works with the blue ct, but the current that could measure the sensor is to low, i need a sensor who works with 300a to up, its possible use the emotx shield with for example the sct-019 sensor, or similar?

If i can, i need to do something else to connect to the shield?

I need save the data in a SD card, is it possible to?, I already have a SD module for arduino, theres no problem to connect the shield and the module together?.

Sorry if the topic already exist, but i couldn’t find an answer.


You can use many different c.t’s with the emonTx Shield (please always write “emonTx Shield”, because the emonTx itself is a different item to the emonTx Shield).

The page in Learn → Energy Monitoring → AC Power Theory → “Use in North America” lists many c.t’s that we have evaluated, some require you to change a resistor on the shield. The values given are optimal for the emonTx and emonPi, not the Shield, so when you have decided which c.t. to use, ask again and I will calculate the burden resistor that you need.

I am not an Arduino expert, so I cannot answer this. If you look at “Resources”, you can find design details for the emonTx Shield, and if your SD module uses the same pins, then the answer is probably no. But note, you can leave off the RFM radio module, so that will free some Arduino pins.

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