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emonTx not logging any useful data


I just bought emonTx and I’m trying to post data to

The issue I have is that the emonTx doesn’t seem to detect the CT1 CT2 CT3 inputs. I got them connected right (other device does detect and measure values) but the emonTx doesn’t log anything with regards to it. And it also does not post anything related to it into the emoncms website.


Hope I’m making myself clear. I’m an software developer who’s just starting to work with devices such as this one, so please bear with me.


How are you getting the data off the EmonTX?

Have you tried completely powering the EmonTX down (remove all power supplies). Connect all the CTs before re-powering the TX.

And the a.c. adapter, and any other sensors if you have them, before re-powering the TX.
(It is in the FAQ.)

Done. Thank you both very much.

Have a great weekend.