EmonTX input power supply problem

Hello Everyone, Yesterday - i try to calibrate the voltage from 234.26 to 260V as idea value using Arduino. I simply change the value to 260V and uploaded the file to EmonTX using USB to UART cable. After uploading an updated file, the led indicator turns off and there is no any power supply in a EmonTx. So, please, if there is any solution then it will be very glad to continue my work.

Here is a screenshot that i made changes

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Next time, please attach the file to your post - it is much easier to read than a screenshot.

The change you made can not have stopped the emonTx from working. It can not have turned off the power to the emonTx.

How do you know there is no power to the emonTx? There is nothing in your sketch to flash the LED. But you should see the output on the monitor screen of the Arduino IDE.

I think your problem is, you are using a sketch for the emonTx V2. Which emonTx do you have?

In the emonTx V2, the voltage input is on Pin 2, which is what you have in your sketch. On the emonTx V3.x.x, the voltage input is Pin 0. Here is the equivalent line from the default sketch:

ct1.voltage(0, Vcal, phase_shift); // ADC pin, Calibration, phase_shift

therefore, you should have:
emon1.voltage(0, 234.24, 1.7); // ADC pin, Calibration, phase_shift

If your emonTx still does not work after you have corrected that, download this sketch emontx3/firmware/src at master · openenergymonitor/emontx3 · GitHub
and upload it into your emonTx. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.
If it works correctly, then follow these calibration instructions Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor
so that you read the correct values.

Dear Robert wall,

Thanks for your support, after uploading Firmware , it works.