EmonTX help Connecting to EmonPI

I cannot make the talk, to me looks like I need the emonbase or wifi. (All red on the emonpi for emontx)

When I get wifi will not be able to see data or will still need the base?

Can I hardwire emontx to emonpi or do I need its own raspberry pi?
What config do I need to change is this all on emonpi?

### This interfacer manages the EmonTx3 ESP format serial
     Type = EmonHubTx3eInterfacer
           # Un-comment line below if using RS485 adapter
           #com_port = /dev/ttyRS485-0
           # default com port if using USB to UART adapter
           com_port= /dev/ttyUSB0
           com_baud = 115200
           #nodeoffset = 1
           # nodeoffet can be used for multiple devices. it will change the nodeID as seen by emonCMS Inputs.
           pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,

Where is this file and name?
Does emontx need any changes?

First, explain what hardware you have.

EmonPi and EmonTX

You should not need to do anything to the emonhub config for it to work.

The emonTX uses an RFM card to communicate with the emonPi.

Can you access the emoncms webUI on the emonPi?

Have you followed the Guide? 1. Connect - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I can see data on emonpi do not see any inputs from emontx


see inputs and data



All banks do not expand id hit ^ so balnk

How do i get inputs to show?

Got it working but not on Radio used a USB serial port and connect to emontx and add config as in 1st message.

Do not know if radio dead or config problem.

If the serial output worked without you knowingly altering or reconfiguring the sketch in the emonTx, then somehow you had turned the radio off (or it had been supplied that way in error).

If the radio had been turned on (the default) but faulty, you would not have the serial output. And I think - I don’t have an emonTx with a faulty RFM module to prove it - the sketch would have continually reset without actually initialising if it was faulty.