EmonTX hard wire serial connection to Emonpi

Serial Connection query. I have been running an Emonpi for the last 2 years on my solar system, which works just fine.
I now have a Moixa battery and wish to expand monitoring of the battery and use the battery app featured on another post. I have a temporary proof of concept TX3 running on a pi as a separate monitor system but would really like to connect the TX3 serially with the Emonpi system .
Is there a way to access the serial connection on the Emonpi ? To connect to the Emontx by a 3 wire cable?


Indeed there is. It’s all in the Wiki.


Thanks Robert, but on the Emonpi, aren’t the serial pins on the GPIO already connected occupied by the Emonpi HAT?

So, you want the radio as well as a serial connection? You didn’t say that. I’m afraid I don’t think that’s possible, since there’s only one serial port available.

Why can’t the emonTx use the radio to send the data to the emonPi?

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I was looking at a wired connection instead of radio as the units are next to each other , maybe a foot, it seems a bit daft yo use radio for that distance .

OK. I think you’re stuck with using the radio, I’m afraid.

If you have problems with too much signal overloading the input, it’s possible to turn the power down in the emonTx.

Or, if you really want a serial connection, so as not to transmit any data, connect serially to a RPi and send to the emonPi via WiFi or your LAN.

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Or the emonTx could be connected to a usb port on the emonPi via a USB-serial adapter ( aka programmer or FTDI).


Thanks for the feed back, it is most useful .