emonTx firmware version

(Dave Howorth) #1

Quick question, but I haven’t found the answer by searching. How do I discover the current version of the firmware/sketch running on my emonTx? Is it available in emoncms somewhere or would I need to interrogate the emonTx with a serail link, or what?

Oh and there seems to be a typo on - version 3.1 was already published NEXT YEAR?

(Robert Wall) #2

You need to look at the serial output at power-up.

@Gwil ?

(Dave Howorth) #3

Ah, that’s a shame; thanks Robert. I suspected it might be like that. I wonder if it would be possible for the first radio packet or two after powerup to be ‘special’ and include the version number as well as any other status data that might be useful?

(Robert Wall) #4

emonHub would reject it, it would never get decoded. You’d need to dig through the log to find it.

(Dave Howorth) #5

Well yes,it would need a change in emonHub to decode it as well as in emoncms to display it before it was really useful.

(Trystan Lea) #6

Thanks @djh, I’ve fixed the typo.