Emontx / emonhub problem


i have install emonpi and emonTX 3,4,2 connection is ok by USB to serial cable, i can read data on emoncms.org

but it was not correct info

watt reading from CT1 will always be node number, hope someone can help me, what i do wrong, i have fight now 3weeks

my connection to emonTX

CT1 no connection
CT2 230 watt consume
CT3 50 watt consume
CT4 no connection

The emonTx v3 doesn’t divulge it’s node id to the emonESP, therefore when using the EmonSerialTx3eInterfacer in emonHub to connect to the emonTx using that output designed solely for the emonESP you will need to tell it what node ID you would like it to use by using the “nodeoffset” setting in emonhub.conf eg if using the default node id of 8.

     Type = EmonHubTx3eInterfacer
           com_port= /dev/ttyAMA0
           com_baud = 115200
           pubchannels = ToEmonCMS,
           nodeoffset = 8

There is a loose end in the interfacer code that falls back to using the first data value as the node id if the nodeoffset isn’t defined, that should not happen, at worst case it should default to a nodeid of zero or just log an error and go no further. But the real issue lays with the nodeid not being passed from the emonTx, and that is unlikely to change as it would upset existing emonESP connections.

Thank you, very much, now it work :slight_smile:

Now i have node and key number present, what are i missing so i can have name there, as you can see below, in my log name is present