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emonTx case fixings?

I’ve now started looking at my emonTx-en. Each came in a very nice case with a few extra bits. I’ve figured out the connections and the antenna but I’m puzzled by a small bag of what look like clips that I presume came with each emonTx.

I found the link on the wiki to the case documentation at Lincoln Bins but they describe something called ‘Linc Lugs’ which are somewhat different to what I have.

The clips I have will clip to the side and underside of the case, presenting slots that look like they could be used to screw the case down. But in the same plastic bag with the two clips for each case are two ‘buttons’ with a Philips? crosshead slot on one side and a turnbuckle as the other. The turnbuckle is too big to go into the slot on the lug and the button is not deep enough anyway, so I don’t have to worry about how I might use that arrangement. :slight_smile: But I have no idea what possible use the buttons might be, so I’m concerned whether I’ve correctly understood the purpose of the clips.

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I went through the same process when I got mine 18 months ago, but never got to the last step of posting a question asking “what the…?”

Watching for an answer to this one :smiley:

I’m keen to get an answer since it’s stopping me installing my system. Perhaps I should have posted it in the Getting Started section?

I just double sided taped mine into my meter box and left the rest in a bag.

Working from memory, the “Buttons” lock the brackets to the emontx case.

The brackets are sort of shaped like bookends and they clip on to the emontx case by hooking into the channels. Although quite tightly fitting, they could clip off as easily as they clip on. The buttons fit through the bracket (the vertical part of the bookend) and lock into the centre channel of the side of the emontx case with a quarter turn to lock the brackets in place.

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Ah, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve taken another look and now I think I understand.

The Linc Lugs do look like book ends but my clips have a T-shaped cross-section rather than L-shaped. But the buttons do indeed lock into a side channel on the case and with that information I was able to understand how the head of the button locks onto a cutout in the stem of the clip’s T-shape. So all is now sweetness and light as far as my install goes, thanks :grin:

A brief description on the website, together with a photo, would be very helpful I think.

The bits in the bag are a wall-mount kit. They clip onto the side of the emonTx and lock in place.

Thanks for raising this, I guess we need to add some better documentation on this.

Here is a manufacture video showing the clips in action!:

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Excellent. Yes, if you could include that photo on the emontx page in the guide along with the front-on photos that show a slightly different design of clip, it would help a future me :grin:

I don’t know why but I just couldn’t figure out how that amazingly simple system fits together without help.

What I need is a wall mount, so I’m happy, but is it also intended for use if I wanted to secure the emonTx to a flat surface? Or is there some other part(s)?


Also added a note to the Install Guide

Sure, you could use the mount in the same way to attach to a flat horizontal surface if needed.