EmonTX availability and gateway from 433Mhz to Wifi

I have to question:
1: does anyone have an Idea when the EmonTX will be available again ? I read somewhere that in October it was announced, but nothing since !

2: I also like to purchase some EmonTH, but my EmonCMS is on a Synology and it’s connected on WiFi, is my only way to have a gateway between 433Mhz and Wifi is to purchase a EmonBase ?

Thanks for any information you can give me,


Do you need the EmonTH? IMHO you are better off with some BLE devices such as these Govee ones Amazon.co.uk and a BLE gateway. There are plenty of options for the gateway out there. I use HomeAssistant and a Bluetooth adapter. There is also ESPHome such as these Xiaomi Mijia BLE Sensors — ESPHome on a suitable ESP device. (sorry shop).

The only advantage of the EmonTH is range but in the house I find the Bluetooth range rivals that of RF.

Well I don’t need EmonTH, but it’s my way of supporting the emoncms project

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And that is great :slight_smile:

In that case then, yes you need an emonbase or just the RFM card if you have a spare Pi or Pi clone (like Orange Pi).

It partly depends if you want to run EmonCMS on a Pi or on another system.

Depending on how may CT inputs you need, The EmonPi may be a better option.

Well I’m gona need a emonTX to follow the usage of the whole house (main entrance, 3 phases), so 3 CT That’s ok, But on this one I saw that you can put a WiFi module, so it’s great.
And later I’m looking for 6 emonTH for the diffrents room.

And later something to follow the solar panel.
And I will have to make an interface with my ECS that is using a vbus Deltasol product.

So I’m gona look for the emon base, I don’t have any Pi at all.

Just waiting for the diffrent emon CT/TH to be available again.