emonTX and SNMP

Hi all

i have been searching for a simple power monitor that can be easily installed and has a number of inputs for current clamps
the emonTx seems perfect for this, but it looks like it can only be used in combination with the emonPi

My main concern is that the measurement device has to be SNMP enabled, but i cant find any reference to SNMP on the site or forum

does anyone know if i can use the emonTx as a stand alone unit that i can get measurements from using SNMP ?



No, the emonTx (and the emonTx Arduino Shield) does not have to be used with the emonPi. The emonTx can use the serial interface to talk to, for example, the ESP8266 and its Wi-Fi interface, or the emonTx Shield on an Arduino with Ethernet can do likewise over a wired connection. There are threads here about using the ESP8266, which a search will find.

Whether you can use the standard sketches, or whether modification will be needed to give your the SNMP protocol, I don’t know. As it stands, the standard sketch sends the data autonomously every 10 s, but you could easily modify that to read and send on command.

Both the emonTx and the emonTx Shield have inputs for one voltage monitor and up to four current transformers, but if you are monitoring a 3-phase system, that means some assumptions have to be made regarding the voltage balance between phases.