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EmonTx and number of values in EmonESP

Hello I have just got a EmonTx with the wifi addon. Currently it is running off a 5 volt usb battery pack as it is in the electric meter box outside my house (this is a temporary thing as I just wanted to see it working while I figure out how to get power to the meter box). I have connected 2 of he CT clips as I am on economy 7 and the meter has two live wires (one switches on at the relevant time the other is always live).
Although I have 2 CTs connected EmonESP only shows one P1 reading ,should I be seeing two readings.
If the answer to this is in the installation docs somewhere I have read them but couldnt see anything to explain this.

Welcome to the OEM forum.

You definitely should see two - or even four if you have enough c.t’s (or just 3.5 mm plugs to put in the sockets).
But you’ll only see both c.t’s if they were plugged in when you powered/restarted the emonTx - there’s more about this in the FAQ. If both were plugged in, then a bit more investigation will be needed.

(OK, no a.c. adapter plugged in - but there are two c.t’s.)

Figured out what the problem was. When I powered the emontx on I had
only connect the one CT then I realised there where two live wires and went to get another one and plugged that in. I did not restart the emontx. So when I said I couldnt see anything about this problem in the docs it clearly states plug the CT leads in first. I just forgot the order I did things when a extra Live wire appeared.