EmonTX 3Phase v1.6 firmware.hex missing from repo, temp1 reading too high

Hi, I’ve been trying to update an EmonTXv3 with the 3phase firmware, following the instructions on GitHub - openenergymonitor/emontx-3phase: emonTx 'approximate' 3-phase firmware, but failed with emonUpload.

So I switched to using the manual method described with avrdude - but can’t see anything like a pre-compiled firmware.hex against ‘latest’ release (v1.6) - but I downloaded the V1.4.0 release firmware.hex and got that going. Releases · openenergymonitor/emontx-3phase · GitHub

Power readings seem much more consistent with what I would expect on my 3 phase installation using this firmware against the stock emonTx V3.4, Vrms is reading right, but temp1 is reading 206.2 when I would expect around 1/10th of that. Do I need to adjust something in emonhub.conf?

My “official” position with the 3-phase sketch is you download and compile it with the options that you require. It cannot realistically be supplied pre-compiled - there would be too many variations.

Instructions for setting up the Arduino IDE and libraries are in the ‘Learn’ section, I do not and will not support platformio.

You can download the sketch here: Update to 3-Phase PLL sketch

It cannot realistically be supplied pre-compiled - there would be too many variations.

I can appreciate that, but perhaps the Readme at GitHub - openenergymonitor/emontx-3phase: emonTx 'approximate' 3-phase firmware could be updated to reflect that?

  1. Firmware (at least v1.6) cannot be uploaded directly using emonUpload tool, presumably because:
  2. There is no pre-compiled .hex (at least v1.6) in the repo releases to upload using avrdue
  3. You say you do not support PlatformIO
  4. The Arduino IDE instructions in the Learn section are for installing IDE and libraries, but I could not figure out how to configure the IDE for the right board, processor and progammer to enable me to compile, hence my relief when I found a precompiled V1.4.0 .hex file.

I did get the excellent firmware installed eventually, but thought I’d leave comment to help the ‘next guy’.

Many thanks for your work on this, and for getting back to me

The Github entry is not under my control. Sorry, but I don’t understand Github (and it’s not for want of trying) so I don’t use it.

I don’t support platformio because it behaved as malware for me. I installed it, and found it had moved several directories without so much as a notification - my script for downloading from Github suddenly wasn’t working, because all the paths had changed. It took me several hours to untangle the mess. It went in the bit bucket pretty sharpish.