EmonTX 3.4 ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI just arrived

Booted her up with the Wifi board plugged in however I’m not seeing the ESP8266 broadcast a Wifi AP to connect to. I haven’t touched anything but boot it up with both AC-AC and USB 5v power.

Does it ship with a sketch that supports the ESP8266? Or will I need to buy the USB to serial UART to upload a newer sketch? Happy to do so but thought I’d check in before putting another international order.

Goal is to directly connect it to emoncms.org.

Ignore me, I figured it out.

For anyone searching online – JP2 on the EmonTX needs to be removed when you have the ESP8266. Reason being is because ordinarily the EmoTX can run just on 5v USB but with the ESP8266 it needs the additional AC-AC adapter.

All online :bulb:

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