EmonTx 3.2.1 with PLL diversion stop working after upload

I have EmonTx V3.2.1(according to PCB) that works without any problem since the beginning of 2015. Recently I decided to do some modifications over constants into the beginning of the sketch. The sketch is from here
After upload with Arduino IDE(under Linux and Windows - the same result) and USB to UART device purchased with EmonTx, the device stoped working, red LED lights continuously. I tried to power it with 9V AC/AC converter that I have used since the beginning, and the result was LED blinking approximately two times per second and did not work at all.
I spend almost a week researching into archived forum as well here without any result. Final attempt was with PlatformIO, and the result is the same again. With PlatformIO I did the serial test but there was not any result on the screen.
I am not expert, because I am rather mechanical engineer than electrical one, and I have some experience with Arduino IDE at 2015 during initial programming with the same sketch, but since then I did nothing, and everything was in perfect working condition without any problem.
What is wrong?
Please help.

What did you change?
That sketch was originally written for the emonTx V2, therefore unless you have changed the I/O pins, they are wrong for your emonTx V3.2.
You must have changed those in 2015 to make the sketch work then.

This might help (change the name to emonTx IO-all.html)
emonTx IO-all.html.txt (6.1 KB)

From memory, I do not think there are any other changes you must make, but my emonTx V3.2 is being used for a long-term test, so I cannot run a test for you. But if what I have already written does not solve the problem, post again.

That was exactly what I need. Thank you very much! The device is already programmed, and everything looks normal. After mounting into the isolated box, I will inform you additionally.

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