EmontTX with an Arduino 101 and Oled display

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I have done a first part of my project which I wanted to share. You can see some details here :
and files are available in github there :
I went to this solution because of the hardware I had and all the covid19 constraints we all are in…at the end
I display information on a small OLED display, nice and easy.
I had to use an Arduino 101 because UNO is not fit for the job, specially not enough memory.
I needed to adapt slightly the EmonTXshield.

Overall, this is not what I intended first but the thing is working good. After lots of pain anyway.
The system is already fit for solar diversion, but this will be step 2 of this project.
The project should be easy to adapt to some other hardware. Display features are easy to modify. And the possibility exists to send data by serial port, at least for debugging.

Feel free to use or modify.

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Nice work! thumbsup

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Nicely done! Really like the orange enclosure and the way it fits so neatly in the consumer unit!