Emonth With Esp8266

can i just program up a esp8266 with the firmware and use like we do on a emontx

tring to eliminate the use of a raspberry pi


There is no reason a esp8266 cannot be coupled to a emonTH much the same as an emonTx, except the emonTH deosn’t have a USB power connector and an esp8266 will shorten the battery life, possibly to an unacceptable level.

Some esp8266 modules have a usb connector and on-board 5v to 3.3v regulator which could then power the emonTH, just be aware of the 3.3v or 5v differences when hooking up the power, the data pins should all be fine as both units operated at 3.3v regardless of power supply.

You will probably also need to change/add some serial prints in the emonTH firmware to suit inputting to the esp8266.

Hi thanks thanks for that
having a playnow

Another way of doing this would be to buy a sonoff TH10 and reprogram it. Ignore the fact that it has a relay. You’d have to write the code to connect to your WiFi (there’s plenty of examples on the Interweb). Then you could use the emonTH code to read the sensor and you’d have to write some extra code to send the data to emoncms.org. This would mean you don’t then have to have local pi.

The sonoffs are less than a tenner, so a pretty cheap solution with an optional function of being able to switch a relay if you ever wanted that.