emonTH wireless temperature & humidity sensor availability! 🎉

The emonTH is finally back in stock! Apologies for the long wait.

The global component shortages hit the emonTH hard, several key components have been unavailable, particularly the atmega328p-au microcontroller and the si7021 temperature and humidity sensor. Finally, we’ve been able to source stock of these components so the emonTH is now in production again! We’ve received the first batch of units this week and started shipping the backlog of back-orders. If you’ve got an emonTH on order than you should be receiving it very soon.

A couple of minor changes:

  • The default firmware now uses the Low Power Labs (LPL) encrypted radio format which is our new default and compatible with current hardware since December 2022 e.g emonTx V4, RFM12SPI. Here’s an overview of radio formats. We’ve included an option to select ‘compatibility firmware’ for easy backward compatibility with older emonPi / emonBase firmware, although it’s possible to upgrade.

  • We now offer a USB powered version of the emonTH, this will come with a pre-attached USB-A cable. Even though the multi-year battery life of the emonTH is geat for easy deployment if there’s a USB power outlet close by it makes sense to have it powered and never need to worry about battery changes.