Emonth V2 Humidity Accuracy

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Can someone please clarify whether the humidity accuracy for the emonth V2 is:

±3% of the operating range (0-80) i.e.: ±2.4%RH (0-80) or…
±3% of 100 i.e.: ±3% (0-100) or…
±3%RH over 0-80%. I.e.: ±3% (0-80)

Have any tests been made to determine the accuracy above 80%RH. If not I will test this.



I doubt that very much.

The numbers quoted come from the data sheet, so even if you measure yours, while it might be ‘typical’, it also might not be, and what the data sheet is saying is Silicon Labs don’t give any guarantee of performance outside the range they state.

Thanks Robert,

Perfidous Humidity!

I think I’ll still use it to measure OA RH, the specs are quite good and the price/spec ratio is excellent, in fact comparable to sensors costing >$500. Long term usage may be the issue, but time will tell.

Best wishes