EmonTH V1.4 DHT22 sensor not found after firmware update

I was trying to revive an emonTH V1.4 that I bought in Sept 2014. I was having an issue with the device not starting unless I connected the programmer. I thought this would be solved by reprogramming the Arduino, so I did it with version 1.6 found here (file emonTH_DHT22_DS18B20.ino)

Now the log on the serial says “Unable to find DHT22 Sensor” and shuts down. Which is weird because it was working before. Anybody able to help?
One thing I found difficult is to find the libraries that the firmware depends on so I’m not totally sure I did the compilation right. Thanks!

Update: I actually found a way to upload the compiled .hex file, which made it work again.
I imagine it was a problem with the libraries I had. I’d be interested if someone could send over the exact library files needed by emonTH to compile.

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