emonTH stock

There seems to be no stock of emonTH at the moment in the store. It seems to have been depleted on Sunday, as I was pricing up getting some, and then come Monday I couldn’t place the order.

I also noticed the chatter about emonTH V2. Maybe this is related?!

Just wondering - I’m happy to wait if it means I can get the V2. But is there any idea of when stock may be available?

Good detective skills :wink:. Yes, it’s related!

We have currently just ran out of emonTx V1 stock. We will have delivery of the new emonTH V2 in the next month or so. Apologies for the delay, I haven’t got an accurate eta yet. I’m still waiting to hear back regarding lead time from the factory. But all the components have been ordered so production should start in a few weeks.

EmonTH will be on pre order on the shop this evening.

Awesome! Good to hear they’re almost there!

Update: we have learned today that we have about 90 units of the old V1 left to call-off. These should arrive in about a week.

Would you like to hold out for the new V2? If so, please leave a comment with your order stating that you would like the V2. We can ship any other items you order sooner if you like.

I’m fine to wait for the V2. I’d quite like the shiny new stuff, and I don’t mind waiting :-).

I might just wait to place the order - it’s ok - nothing urgent for me right now. I’m still toying with quite how to set up what I want to monitor next, so the extra waiting time just gives me longer to think about it!

Thanks for the info!

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No worries, I’ll post up on the emonTx V2 topic to announce when the V2 is available in the shop. I’ll also probably blog and tweet about it :slight_smile: