emonTH running on 5v

Is it possible to order a custom emonTH with an assembled 5v USB plug? From what I understand, most hardware can also run on 5v. This would enable me to attach custom analog devices that require 5v to get an accurate reading. Is this a correct assumption?

Yes emonTH can accept 5v input. The easiest way is to wire 5v into the terminal block. The emonth has an onboard regulator to regulate 5v to 3.3v. The board itself and the sensors work at 3.3v

Does this mean that I have to regulate the incoming voltage from an analog source back to 3.3v before feeding it to an onboard analog input? Sorry for my questions, I have no background in electronics but I’m trying to learn it on the go.

Where is the terminal block btw? On the bottom left I presume?

It will be fine to feed in 5V into an ADC but it will saturate at 3.3V. The internal clamping diodes will clamp the input to 3.3V.

Yes, the terminal block is bottom left. See image above,

Check that the analog source is relatively high impedance - if not, connect to the analog input through say a 2.2K resistor - this will have little effect on the reading, but will protect the analog input pin when the analog input voltage heads towards 5v