EmonTH BOM question

I’m trying to build a EmonTH custom assembly from scratch and I have a question regarding the values for capacitors C7 and C11.
In the BOM found here: emonth2/hardware at master · openenergymonitor/emonth2 · GitHub the values for C7 and C11 is stated as 22pF.
I used the BOM file from emonth2/20170117_emonth_v2_0_2.csv at master · openenergymonitor/emonth2 · GitHub and the part number for the capacitors, CC0603KRX7R9BB223, points to a different value - 22nF.
Which value is the correct one?
Thank you.

From their function - 22pF

I had a feeling that the correct value is 22pF, but I still wonder why the value for them is 22nF in the BOM file found on github.

It has to be a wrong part number in the published BOM. @gwil should be able to resolve/correct this.