EmonTH accidently got wet & not transmitting

One of our EmonTH got dirty & a bit wet; unfortunately, the protective plastic slipped a bit while sandblasting old beams nearby with a pressure washer and stuff got in.
Though it continued working for 4-5 hours.
Stupid I know, should have moved it, but I’m using it for pulse counter on water meter.

Started cleaning it up, batteries seem ok, when putting them back in the green light stays on rather than turn off after short while & nothing being received by emoncms.

Wondering if it wouldn’t be easier/safer to replace it, ideally with one configured with same ID so it hopefully picks up from where this one died off (emoncms feeds & nodered flows configuration)?

Any thoughts or even comments on our stupidity welcome :slight_smile:

I would guess that water has got underneath the RFM69 module.

As you are prepared to replace it anyway, as a last resort I’d try washing it in distilled/de-ionised water, and leave it to dry in a warm place for several days, then try the batteries in it.

If you do replace it, then provided that the replacement uses the same NodeID, the count should go into the same input and feed.

Thanks Robert, will give that a try,