emonSD 8 GB

Is there still an emonSD version that is suitable for an 8 GB card? The new ones require a 16 GB card and the links to the old images don’t work (emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation ). I still have some old emonPi and emonbase station but they were only equipped with 8 GB cards.

I’ve shrunk it to fit an 8 GB card, and written it up - somewhere. It’s tortuous and while 8 GB and for that matter 16 GB cards are hard to find, I can’t understand why the image has to be made for a specific size of card, as it’s a whole lot easier to expand the image than shrink it.

Here’s what I did - it was on a Staff-only topic:

I followed

from the heading:

Shrinking images on Linux

to the bottom. Where it states:

Now notice a few things:

  • There is one partition.
  • The partition allocates the entire disk/device/image.

that’s not correct, it showed all the usual partitions. At that stage, I used GParted to resize the 10 GB partition only down to not very much (i.e. so that the total was well below 8 GB, then finally, when it was on the 8 GB SD card, expanded it again with GParted to fill the card).

Those who study the details will warn that the card will wear faster because there’s less free space where wear-levelling can take place, so this is something to bear in mind. If you value your data (rather than just testing/experimenting), then I’d suggest go with the type of card we use in The Shop.

Nice, thanks Robert, I will try it out and report back!

If they are that old, I’d strongly suggest investing in new cards. £8 from Amazon. PiOS needs over 4GB for root now, so minimal space for data.

The update guide isn’t the easiest to follow (I have some updates waiting to be accepted) - bit spread out, this is the best start point. It isn’t terribly difficult. Import / Backup — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Hi Brian, thanks for the info, I didn’t mention that the emonpi and emonbase stations in question are unused and so are the SD cards. And since I’ve had very good experience with the longevity of megni’s SD cards so far, I’d hate to replace them all. Have already had a lot of trouble with other SD cards…

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