emonSD-30Oct18 Auto-Upgraded to Version 10.1.6

I’ve been using an older version of emonCMS (9.8.7 | 2017.06.16) for a while now and I’m looking at upgrading. Today I got out my test Pi, downloaded the latest emonSD, which was emonSD-30Oct18 (Stable), Etched the image to my SD card and booted it up.

It automatically ran an upgrade process that got me all the way to 10.1.6. Is that the intended behavior? So far 10.1.6 feels a little bit bleeding edge to me, and the emonSD-30Oct18 (Stable) image advertised version 9.9.3.



10.1.6 is the latest stable version.

You should be able to export everything from the old and import to the new version.