emonPi with USB supply, 1 x 100A CT, AC supply - NOW SOLD

Hi, been a long while since I played with this stuff so figured it was time to sell it to someone else that can make use of it.

In excellent, unmarked condition.

£50 incl. delivery within mainland UK

Welcome, Ross, to the forum, but sorry to see you appear to be giving up on energy monitoring.

Can you make it clear you’re selling only the emonPi main board, 100 A c.t, ac & d.c adapters, but without the Raspberry Pi, LCD, case and aerial (if these are indeed not included)?

Sorry, yep this is just the stuff shown in the pictures.

No Raspberry Pi, case or aerial.

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I’ll have that Ross.

No problem Craig. Do you know if we can PM each other here?

Hi Craig, I can’t work out how to PM via this forum so I’ve created an ebay auction here for you:-

Cheers, Ross.

Easy. Click on your icon top right, click on the envelope twice (NOT double-click), and “New Message” appears.

No fees. :wink:

Thanks Robert, I must be missing something - I can’t for the life of me see an envelope icon? Here’s what I see when I click my icon at the top right.


Might be easiest just to go through ebay anyhow - they’ve got an offer that reduces fees at the moment.

Try now, I’ve pushed your privileges up a notch, and Craig’s.

Thanks Robert, that looks better now. I’ll PM Craig.

I’ve had no further word from Craig so this one’s still available if anybody wants it.

Thanks - this item has now sold.