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EmonPi vs EmonTX for online logging only

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In a case where I’m not interested in local data logging but I want to monitor 4 circuits, is there any reason to even think of the EmonPi ? I could use the Emon Tx with Wifi Adapter and upload all data to an instance of emoncms.

Apart from the local data logging, can anyone tell me what the advantage of the EmonPi wpuld be in my case ?
One thought that’s driving me is EmonPi = £123 pour two CT’s and EmonTx + Wifi is £83 for 4 CT’s.

Best regards / Colm

You are correct, the EmonTX with an ESP module (or a Pi Zero) would be adequate. The EmonPi is designed to be an all in one, ready to go solution.

There was a similar discussion on EmonTX and Raspberry Pi Zero for the Wifi side 4 CT emonBase using emonTx and Pi Zero W - #8 by pb66

In that setup, the EmonTX + RPi Zero could also run emoncms

Yes it can.