emonPi Temp Missing?

Hi, just received my emonPi and 2 x emonTx’s today, started plugging it all together.
Just powered up all three, and loged into the web GUI on the emonPi.
I plugged in temp sensors to all three, but can’t register a temp (as an input) on the emonPi. Have I done something wrong? I’ve swapped sensors, so they work fine. I get temps on both emonTx units.
Unrelated question, does the pi have sshd running? Seems to, but what is the login account details?

OK, so I just setup an account on emoncms.org, and the temp data for the emonPi was showing up there! So I went back to the local view, and there is now a temp for the emonPi temp sensor. The only other thing I did was reboot the Pi to move it to another permanent IP address. Is there a reboot needed to pick up the temp sensor perhaps.

The ssh login for the emonSD is
user: pi
pass: emonpi2016

Hopefully a silly question! but is the emonPi’s temp sensor plugged in the “1-wire” RJ45? not the “Ethernet” RJ45 at the other end?

Thanks for the ssh details. Yes temp is in the right port. I’m using fixed eth not wifi.
After a reboot the temp on the pi is now working. Maybe needed the reboot to detect the sensor?

That’s it. By design, sensors not detected at startup are ignored forever after (until the next restart/reset/powerup etc). But a sensor detected remains detected (until the next restart).

‘Sensors’ includes the a.c. adapter and CTs as well as the temperature sensors.

I plugged in the Temp sensor on the emonPi after powerup. The emonTx’s I had plugged in before power on :wink:
All good. Thanks for the info.