EmonPi stuck while booting

I’ve got an emonPi solar PV kit from Nov 2015. It’s been installed and has been working perfectly from then until just recently. A few days ago I noticed that all of the dashboards have stopped updating. Then I found that I wasn’t able to log into it using the usual web interface.

I rebooted the device but the problem is that it only seems to get part way through the bootup. I see this sequence on the built in screen:

“emonPi V2.00


“AC Wave Detected
Detected CT1 CT2”


“Detected: 5
DS18B20 Temp”

And then it stays like that indefinately (i’ve waited a couple of days).
It’s connected via wired lan and the lights by the ethernet connector are blinking. It doesn’t appear on the network though. The button on the box doesn’t do anything.

If anyone has any ideas on how to bring it back to life that would be amazing!

Thank you.

Hello @Tony_M

Sounds like it might be an SD card issue. It’s probably worth getting the latest emonSD image on a new SD card and then importing your existing data with a SD card reader, see: Import / Backup / Restore / Update — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Are you recording data locally or just posting to emoncms.org?

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Hi @TrystanLea

Thank you for the tip and link to instructions. I will give that a try and post here how it goes. It had been set up to record data locally so hopefully its still possible to recover it.

Thank you!

Hi @TrystanLea

Followed the instructions and made some good progress. The unit boots now and the database import seems to have worked as I can see all my historical data.

The problem now is that all the feeds show ‘Inactive’. Any hints how to activate them?

On boot the lcd messages report that CT1 and CT2 and AC wave are detected as are 5 temperature sensors.


Do you see data on the Inputs page? If so, the names will have changed so you need to add the input processing to push the data into the Feed.


I’ve had a look at the inputs page and there’s nothing there:

I have an EmonPi, so I presume that I choose Solar PV 1 or Solar PV 2. The popup note says that this should only be done once on initialisation and that inputs and feeds will be created. I already have the feeds - just need the inputs. What should I do not to lose my data that i’ve just imported but still set up the inputs needed to drive the feeds I already have?

Any advice greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@TrystanLea, it seems there is an issue with the import that it doesn’t always seem to bring across the emonhub file correctly (I’m guessing).

I don’t know which will be correct

It may create new inputs, that isn’t an issue, you can just remap the input processing to the old Feeds.

Nothing, it won’t get lost. You just need to tell the system to pass the new data from the inputs to the existing feeds.

This depends on where you can position the c.t’s and whether you can have an a.c. adapter. The two versions require different maths - it is explained on this page.

Hello @Tony_M did you get any further with this?

Could you check the EmonHub log? and perhaps copy what you see here?

Hi @Robert.Wall - Thabk you for thr link. I will take a look at how it’s wired and refer to the diagram here.

Hi @TrystanLea and @borpin
Where I’ve got to is that on the inputs page there are no inputs at all listed. It looks like no inputs were brought across from my backup/restore and no new inputs were created when I started the system up for the first time with my new sd card. Or perhaps some inputs were created briefly (I didn’t know to check) and were subsequently wiped out by the restore?
So if there are any instructions on how to create inputs manually having only a list of feeds, that would be the next thing to try.
I won’t be back home till the weekend so will only be able to check log and screenshot inputs page then.