Emonpi, stuck in 'boot mode'

I have an EmonPi stuck in ‘boot mode’ after an unsuccessful attempt at a wifi update. What is the best way to recover the situation ?
All I know is I bought the EmonPi in feb 2019 and it’s been running faultlessly ever since until last night.

Had a few problems after moving the emonTX which monitors my solar PV output to a more permanent and secure enclosure with accuracy of readings, so went looking on here and discovered there were firmware updates for my EmonPi. tried to do the updates, the first one (can’t remember what it was now) did update and the second one failed and said something along the lines of my firmware was too old and to contact the community for help. So here I am… Please help. :frowning:


When it boots it says EmonPi 2.90 if that helps.

Hello @navmanl200

Are you able to see the emonPi on your local network by any chance? Any sign of it in your routers device list or using a network scanner app? Is it accessible via the last know ip address or http://emonpi, http://emonpi.local?

Hi @TrystanLea I can access it via it’s IP address but not sure if it’s cached or not, as the data is over 12 hours old. I did download this log last night.

Just checked my Unifi log and it’s NOT showing on my list of connected devices.

Woke up to the EmonPi Rebooting message this morning and No remote data transfer to the app. I am guessing that the SD card is corrupt and going to need re flashing??

Starting update via service-runner-update.sh (v2.0) >
- emonSD version: emonSD-30Oct18
ERROR: emonSD base image old or undefined...update will not continue
See latest verson: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/emonpi/wiki/emonSD-pre-built-SD-card-Download-&-Change-Log
Stopping update


Sorted the problem now, Re-flashed the SD card with the latest version from GitHub, and everything is working again. :slight_smile:

Will try and keep the firmware up to date in future. :open_mouth:

Just need to rebuild my data now. :roll_eyes:

Off for a celebratory brew, nice to see data flowing again. :wink: Felt lost without knowing what power I was using / generating, especially now ! :stuck_out_tongue: