emonPi running slow - php usage very high

Recently my emonPi has been running slowly. Lags in typing echo, looking at feed graphs etc.

No obvious errors in any logs.

Top two processes are nearly always php and redis - the former is often > 50% CPU.

Checked pi packages, firmware, emonscms full update etc. but still the same. Have rebooted obviously.

uptime showing …

pi@emonpi:/var/log $ uptime
13:47:28 up 1:06, 1 user, load average: 1.11, 1.39, 1.34

Any suggestions?

What SD Card (on the admin page).

Check memory use and log partition (admin page as well).

Check dmesg and journalctl outputs. Not everything makes it to logs.

SD card 2019 image - I’d upgrade it. Trystan has just done a new image.

Just watch. I’m sure something odd happens with emonhub configuration, so I’d take a copy of that first and use the USB upgrade method (rather than a backup export/restore).

Sounds like something is going flat out there! What happens if you stop the emoncms_mqtt service for a short while? What do you see with:

ps aux | grep php