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EmonPi - Replace with Pi 4


I have an EmonPi which includes a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 - 1GB.
It’s starting to struggle with everything (aside from Emonhub etc) I’m throwing at it, so was wondering about replacing it with a Pi4 2GB.

Is it a straight replacement hardware wise? Will it fit in the casing with the ports accessible?



Pi4 does work, I brought a emonpi hat and has been running on the pi4 without any problems

Our emonSD software stock should work fine on the Pi4, however the P4 may not be fully compatible with the emonPi enclosure, you may need to trim the fascia to make it fit since the Pi4 has slightly different sized connectors. Make sure you use a powerful USB adaptor and high quality USB cable.

I would actually recommend using a RasPi 3B+, it’s more power efficient, lower cost than the Pi4 and will fit in the emonPi enclosure.