Emonpi pulling data from FusionSolar

Hi All,

We’ve just had a new Huawei solar system installed. The inverter is a SUN2000 10kw.

For emon products, I have a 3 phase setup with 3 x emontxs and an emonpi.

I’m interested to know if anyone has spent time, or had success, trying to integrate Huawei’s Fusion Solar SAAS with an emonpi as an input/feed? Or even better, setup their inverter to log directly to an emonpi.

Seems to be a few pointers out there for using the Fusion Solar API:

Having said that, I would prefer to not rely on the FusionSolar portal and instead have the inverter log directly to the emonpi. The inverter can be configured to send data to a different address rather than FusionSolar, but there is no configuration for message structure so doing so would mean recreating the FusionSolar webservice on the emonpi or another device on our network.

I’m very interested to know if anyone has had success or if anyone has pointers?


It looks like their main system simply responds with JSON data so working with that to format it for emonCMS should not be too difficult - it is a bit like the Octopus data. You will need to find out a bit more about getting the data directly from the inverter. Does it have a local web interface? That would imply there might be a local API.

They have a local modbus api, you can see here how you can access it.

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