Emonpi pcb (without parts) needed

Hi, I would like to buy an emonpi pcb, because it is dificult to make it at home. If I can’t buy the pcb, I have to re-design it for myself, and, of course, it needs lot of time…


@Gwil will confirm, but as far as I am aware, the bare pcb is not available separately, it is only available with the surface-mounted components.

You don’t have to redesign it, you can download the Eagle files from Github and send those to your pcb manufacturer, but you will need to write your own parts list and source all the components.

But then, if you buy the assembled board from the shop, you are making a small contribution towards the design and development costs, and the maintenance of this website.

Hi Péter,

Robert is correct, we only sell the assembled PCB (with the surface-mounted and thru-hole components attached) through the shop.

For the assembled PCB, go to the Emonpi shop item - emonPi Energy Monitor - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor and select the “PCB only” option on the checklist.

Thanks for the advice. I found a company who will make me the PCB.