Emonpi not connected to Ethernet / Wifi

Hi to everyone,

I’m having an issue with an already configured Emonpi. Accidentally I unchecked the boxes of already known Wifi networks so it went disconnected. After that I just could not access it, it isn’t connecting to Ethernet either. I’m out of options on this one,

I also wanted to make a hard reset to the initial state but all the question on this forum involved SSH connection, which obviously I can’t make because it isn’t even connected to any network.

I would kindly thank to any idea on how to solve this.


I see that you’ve added the tag ‘WiFi Relay’ to your post. Is this anything to do with a WiFi Relay?
If not, it would be great if you could edit your post and remove the tag please.
This would help other users searching for help for the WiFi Relay unit.


Paul (Moderator)

Just to be sure, there are 2 RJ45 sockets, you are connecting to the right one?

What have you done to try and connect via the network? The device may well have picked up a new IP address.

BTW the WiFi relay is a separate item of hardware that is a relay controlled over WiFi.

It should still connect to Ethernet, even if wifi is not working. What do you see displayed on the emonPi LCD? When you plug in a Ethernet connection do the lights on the Ethernet port light up? Ensure you plug the Ethernet connector into the correct port, not the temperature sensor RJ45 port.

Hi everyone and thanks for your great help!

Apparently it was a problem with the local network, a very strange problem, fortunately it worked in other local network and I reconfigured the device.

Thanks a lot again!

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the wrong tag, I think Glyn corrected it.