Emonpi losing Wifi connection, not reconnecting

Hi There,

Recently took delivery of new Emonpi, had it set up and everything was working properly for about a week. Now it seems for whatever reason the unit losing connectivity to my Wifi network, on the display it just says “Wifi: YES 0%”.

It doesn’t seem to attempt to reconnect, and if I reboot it, it starts working again…for a while.

Here are my connection details:

IP Address:
Mac Address: b8:27:eb:e4:90:99
Sub Net Mask:
Rx Packets: 2413
Tx Packets: 1720
Rx Bytes: 538666 (526.0 KiB)
Tx Bytes: 879623 (859.0 KiB)
Bitrate: 52 Mb/s
Frequency: 2.462 GHz
Link Quality: 34/70
Signal Quality: -76 dBm

Thanks for help.