EmonPi log multiple nodes to emoncms

I have a diy emonpi running. I also made an IotaWatt.
The Iotawatt is sending the data to the emonpi, but i would like to have the data also available on my other emoncms (on my local synology nas). So i have 2 nodes: Node EmonPi and Node IotaWat1

I looked through the guide and config script but i couln’t find how to do it.
I also tried to use NodeRed (based on this ) but it only generated 1 new output on the target server. (nodered debug shows more feeds, but only the ones from emonpi, not the ones from IotaWatt.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I also tried to use “publish to MQTT”.
Then the connection with ex MQTTlens the feeds show up, but in the other emoncms only the first is shown?

For those interested: i posted the solution in the topic linked in the first post