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EmonPi Kit

I no longer use my emonPi enough, so looking to sell it. It has been working fine in my understairs cupboard for 4 years.

1 emonPi v1.5
(Enclosure & LCD: Fully Assembled, Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi 2B & 8GB Pre-built SD card, 433Mhz RFM69CW, LightWaveRF OOK, 1x 100A Clip-on Current Sensor, USB Power Cable + UK AC-AC Adapter )

Yours for £99!

UK postage included.

Price reduced to £75. Half the price of a new system.

Hi, Is this still available? Thanks.

Sorry I didn’t get notified.
Yes still available though possibly a bit late now.

Can you post international? I’m in Australia

Potentially yes, cost looks to be around £30.