emonPi Interface with MBUS heat meters


Can anyone recommend an MBUS Heat Meter that could be compatible with emonPi or similar emon hardware?

We’re looking to get heat pump output heat data. I think the way would be to have an emonPi as the base station, and then an emonTx cited near the heat pump and heat meter that accepts the input from the heat meter.

Is that the correct setup?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @kabeziller you will need an MBUS reader that plugs into an emonPI or emonBase, see the shop item here M-Bus to UART Converter - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor. You should only need the emonPi or emonBase at the heat pump if that’s all you want to monitor?

The software has good support for the Sontex 531 integrator and associated flow meters Sontex Integrator and the Qalcosonic E3 range Qalcosonic E3 Heat Meter | Official UK Distributor - Axioma Metering – Stockshed®, Kamstrup 402 and Sharky 775 are other options. I need to update the support meters list with a bit more details.

The Qalcosonic E3 is relatively affordable and seems to work pretty well from our testing here so far. Worth having a read through this post by @johncantor too HeatpumpMonitor/selectingheatmeter.md at master · openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor · GitHub


Excellent, many thanks for coming back to me Trystan. I will check those out.

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