Emonpi failing to boot after upgrading to Pi3?

Detects ct
Displays v2.00
But gets stuck on temp sensor and Ethernet lights not flashing.

Doesn’t do any more than that

It’s a new raspi 3b using a memory card from open energy monitor in April 2016 - got a hunch its hardware related though I I think I had something like this happen before. Just can’t remember the fix!

It sounds like the RaspberryPi is not booting. The LCD initially is driven from the Atmega328 microcontroller then the RasPi takes over once it boots.

Is the emonPi unit purchased pre-assembled from the shop? Is this the first time the unit has been powered up?

You could check the SD card is fitted secuarly or contact shop support to arrange a replacement. Sorry for the hassle.

Originally it was purchased from the shop.

The Ethernet on the old pi board stopped working (surge)

I’ve replaced the pi board with a new pi3 and yes it’s the first time it’s been booted.
Other than mounting the boards together and plugging in the screen and sd card should I have done something else?

Ah, you will probably need to update the SD card image for Pi3. Easiest way will be to download fresh latest image: emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

Here are the manual steps to update to Pi3: Raspberry Pi 3 - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

You can check the SD card version by looking at at line in /boot

$ ls /boot | grep emonSD

Latest image is 03May16

Brilliant. That fixes it. Thanks for the help