emonPi Energy Monitor display stops responding

Following a reboot,… the emonPi Energy Monitor display performs as expected,… The backlight turns on and the display steps through the various displays and functions.
However if emonPi Energy Monitor is left to do its thing,… which it happily does,… after a time,… (lets say a day or so ), the display backlight will operate with button presses,… but no text is displayed…
Any Thoughts from the greater good of the community…
:- emonPi Energy Monitor, is new install, with base Raspi image installed from website Git:
URL : GitHub - emoncms/emoncms: Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data
Branch : * stable
Describe : 11.0.9

What 5V power supply are you using?

Hi,… tx for responding,…
I’m using the one supplied with the unit,…
I think it states it has a 2amp capacity,…
So should be well capable of supplying the nominal 500mA the pi uses… plus the odd surge/spike in demand.

That said, keep in mind electronic devices are like people. They eventually die.

Sometimes sooner than expected, sometimes not. Yours may be headed south and the issue
you’re seeing may be an indication of that.

Then again, there may be nothing wrong with it.
Swapping it with another PSU is the easiest/quickest way to help make that determination.

Yes Bill,… Understand what your saying,… but this is a new unit,… only a few days old…
However my plan is to migrate to a different 5v power supply,… which will be immune from Mains power failures.
I’ll see how this pans out with the new supply…

The emonPi is new from The Shop? In this case, if a different power supply doesn’t effect an improvement, email The Shop at [email protected] and refer to this topic.

Although it would be unusual for a new device to fail so “early in the game,” it’s not unheard of.
My point was that it’s a possibility (even if a small one) that it could be bad.

Paraphrasing Robert, never rule anything out until you know for sure.

And, as he said, if it is bad, Megni will make good on it.

Indeed,… as i have learn’t,… never make assumptions,… hence my post here to see if i was unquie… or just doing something stupid… which isn’t unkown,…
But if a new power source… fixes the issue… then it eliminates some/one of the possible failures.
But we shall see what the new power source delivers…
May the force be with us :grin:

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