EmonPi/EmonTXv3/EmonTH for sale Utrecht the Netherlands - SOLD

Hi All,

I’m selling my complete eMon setup consisting of:

  • EmonPi set with RaspberryPi, 16GB SD card with the latest version of EmonCMS, 2x current clamp, 9V AC adaptor and 5V USB adaptor.
  • EmonTx v3 with 3x current clamp, 9VAC adaptor and 5V USB adaptor
  • EmonTH
  • Free stuff: 2x old DS18b20 temperature sensor with crusty wires, RJ45 breakout board, second EmonTH which doesn’t give a humidity reading (but is sending temperature data fine).

Pictures can be found here. I would recommend calibrating the measurements as i have not done that for some time.

Please make me an offer, shipping is possible within the EU.

would be interested in the emonTx if you will split?

I prefer selling it as a set.

fair enough,

how would £150 be? I assume you can ship to the UK?

If this is still available, would you ship to the UK? Any idea what shipping cost would be?

Hi All,

Sending to the UK is possible, the cheapest i found is €16 via DPD. Most services are way more as the package is over 2 kg.

You have seen the plugs are the european type right? So you need an adaptor for use in the UK.

@montechristo: 150 pound would be around 175 euro right? Sounds about right to me, or are you willing to offer more @Stuuno?

that shouldn’t be a problem, that said your link to the pics wants a microsoft login, could you post them here?

That’s odd, i could swear i tested the link in incognito mode. I’ll add them in this and the next message.

thanks, looks good.

and 16 Euros to post seems fair

@montechristo do you only want the emonTX?

I’d be happy to split with you once it’s in the UK if you’d be up for that? PM me if interested.

@sinuz I don’t think I’d bid noticeably higher than you’ve already agreed. :slight_smile:

works for me

Great. I’ll pm Mark

And it’s gone!