EmonPi dead at second plug-in

Hi Everyone,
I just got my EmonPi kit. Immediately after unpacking I plugged in 5V DC power supply from USB and unit went on, prompting for network config… Then moved the thing in the basement where my fuse box is… plugged again and the unit failed to start. Display is dead black since then. According to my USB power meter no current appears to be drained from USB. Tried half dozen of different USB cables and DC-DC USB adaptors without success. Nothing was plugged to the thing but the USB DC.

I searched into the forum for a similar issue but seems I’m the only who managed to get the unit dead at the second power on.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance


Hi Cris,

Very sorry, it sounds like you may have a faulty unit. We will send you a replacement on Monday. Please could you send your original unit back to use for inspection with a note referencing this forum thread. We will refund the return postage.

Please confirm this fixes your issue.

Very sorry for the hassle.

Hi Glyn,
I’ll send back the unit on Tuesday.
thanks for the superfast response!