EmonPi copy config files to new SD card?

I’m running the Nov16 version software on my EmonPi and have lots of lovely graphs set up and also uploading data to PVOutput. I’d like to update to latest version but would like to avoid having to set everything up again if I can help it. Is there a simple list of config files I could copy from the old sd card to the new one?
Many thanks in anticipation

Take a look at the emoncms/backup module, this was primarily created for the purpose of migrating across emonSD images. i’m sorry I can’t recall if the backup module is or can be installed on the image you have, I imagine even if it doesn’t work out of the box it might not take much tinkering to get it working, you needn’t bother with the service-runner if you are only going to backup the once, you can start it manually I think.

The main files you need are the phpfina and phptimeseries folders, the mysql tables, emonhub.conf and emoncms/settings.php. If you have set up and used nodered or openhab, or added/modified anything else then they too will possibly have some files to copy over.

Why can’t you simply update your emonpi by using the emonpi update menu? Or is there some other reason why you need to reinstall to a new SD card, ie capacity.

Thanks both. I didn’t realise I could do an in-situ update, now running latest version. Thanks again