EmonPi 3 B+ how to add wifi wemos d1 mini esp8266 and pull feeds


I have downloaded emonPi image for Pi3 B+ the latest update for emoncms

I have a diy BMS Management Console
emonCMS Integration
HTTP Port: 80
Node offset: 26
URI: /emoncms/input/bulk?data=
API key: 63d20c5a1cc7542*******************d4

Pi is set up on wifi 26 node as is my BMS as it is sending data but pi not transfuring to feeds list

My wemos d1 mini is coded by stuard pittaway and colin hickey.

coming to setting up the emoncms im not sure what im doing wrong but im not getting any feeds as there no updates on the new emonpi.

As i have looked there no videos that i can find with setting up and pulling the battery management feeds posting to emoncms from my emonPI3b+

Alos getting this error when trying to add functions to dashboard


Raspberry Pi 3 b+ is running on wifi but first install was on Wlan there was a log showing of 33mb but now is not show.

May have to do another etcher and reload emonPi october18 version again

For the second problem, try clearing the browser cache and or try it in a private window.

For the first, what is your hardware? An EmonPi or an EmonBase?

Did you do a backup and restore of the old system?

Have you seen our backup and restore user guide?

My device is a raspberry pi3 B+ running [Pre built emonSD SD-card Image] emonSD-30Oct18 edition.

I etched the image on sd card about a week ago.

Iv been building my DIY BMS system and the program running to monitor cells is emoncms so i guess to answer your question it would be emonpi only software.

I havent backed up anything on the system as of yet, but if i could get feeds to posted to emonpi then i will back up everything when dashboard is set up as well.

Brett, I’ve edited your first post in this thread to obfuscate your system API key, as it’s something that should not be made public.


Thank you so much Paul didnt know API couldnt be made public

If im working with a fresh install of emonSD-30Oct18 pre-built on an raspberry pi 3 b+.

As im confused now in which device i need to add to list of devices (openenergerymonitor)
Controller (MQTT) was im running a wireless feed to my local router that is also RPI3 (emonpiOS) wireless connected to my router.

If i can get the wireless connectivity sorted out then the feeds and inputs part i understand.

Looking at the dashboard battery widget error, does the feed that your using have data in it? could it be an empty feed. I was able to produce an error if the feed was empty but could not replicate the exact same one that your seeing.

If you are trying to pass data from the D1 to the EmonCMS (running on your Pi), the question is, how does the D1 export it’s data; ‘wireless feed’ in itself is not a data protocol.

The Devices bit fits better with standard OEM products (EmonTX, EmonTH etc).

[edit] could you post a link to the source (Github Repo) of the BMS you are using please.

Here is stuarts pittaway GitHub - stuartpittaway/diyBMS: Do it yourself battery management system for Lithium ion battery packs/cells

this is my bms running and can see it on line via IP address if i can see it via wifi should be posting feeds to Pi.
But if i dont have device set up rite then feeds cant see device that its reading the feeds from.

On of the guys on DIY BMS said the same as my first post but that is about all .

Red light status means it in bypass meaning burning off power

Yes, but how is that being done?

[edit] I realised it is the BMS from this discussion. DIY Lithium Battery Balancer and monitoring (BMS) - #723 by stuart

@stuart can you confirm how your BMS communicates (MQTT?) and what might be needed to set that up?

Its using the HTTP BULK upload API call.

Code is here…

and hits the HTTP endpoint /emoncms/input/bulk

Great thanks.


Can you check;

  • The API key you have put into the config on the D1 is the RW Key and not the Read only key.
  • Are there any errors in the Emoncms log (in the administration screen)?

Can you confirm do do not see anything in the ‘Inputs’ page on Emoncms under node 26?

I change the api to write and its showing up in inputs now.
So what o thought was read only had to be write to emoncms

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