Emonpi + 10CT senor with direct serial


I’d like to use Emonpi or emonpishield.But the number of CT sensor is too small for my application: I plan to add Arduino + 10 CT sensor with direct serial USB connexion like this :

I think I can build my own design around emontTX and increase the numer of CT sensor to 10 instead of 4.
Let me know if the previous setup has some issues.

For the software side : The Arduino board USB serial connector will be connected to raspi USB. Serial port will be seen as : dev ttyACM0 or USB0

If I understand the principle of EmonPi shield, incomming data used the on board raspi serial port.

How could we used both Serial USB port AND raspi on board UART in the software configuration?
I see a part of solution here :

But I want to use both : emonpi AND direct serial port at the same time.
May be some discussion here:

Is there a specific configuration in emonhub ?

Many thanks for your help


it is OK : need to use this modification in Emonhub for serial device

My new device can send more than 4 power sensor. I modify the arduino emonTXV3_DirectSerial. it is connected througt USB serial port ttyACM0. I suppose than Emonpishield and RFM12, and others emonTX will be usable.

REM: Don"t apply modifcation for a direct serial emonTX in Emonhub

My serial device is not seen ( even with tttyACM0 modification )

Now I need tounderstand EmonCMS , input, feeds, graphs usage… not simple. If you have any link.