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EmonHub v2.2.0

EmonHub version 2.2.0 is now available in the stable branch. The latest version brings several new interfacers to read data from different sources including:

There are also a number of bug fixes, thanks to @borpin, @bwduncan and @alexandrecuer

A new page has been added to the integrations section of the guide called EmonHub Interfacers intended to cover mainly integration with other hardware rather than the core interfacers used by OpenEnergyMonitor hardware. Links above link to the relevant sections of this page.

I do wish this went through a pre-release stage to enable wider testing before going to stable.

GitHub still thinks 2.1.7 is the ‘latest’

Front page

Releases page

Release done

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I’ve updated the emonhub repository documentation to cover the new interfacers and consistently use the conf/interfacer_examples directory for interfacer documentation:

Screenshot of the main readme interfacer section:

Also linked from the page:

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Yes, I made the decision in this case that as the changes were new interfacers without majour changes elsewhere and after testing on three systems here that a merge to stable was ok, had there been significant changes to core components I would have spaced it out with a release on master first.

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