EmonHub emon-pi variant interim update

Over the last couple of weeks Paul Burnell @pb66 and I have been working through the future direction of emonhub and how we can bring the different versions together. Its a big project, so we are not there yet as there is a lot of detail to work through and we’re taking the opportunity to really look at how emonhub should work from the ground up.

Last year Paul raised with me a number of issues with the emon-pi variant that I created, including:

  • Threading bug where the MQTT and http interfacers where not running properly on their own threads - fixed July 2017
  • http interfacer ever increasing queue if not configured properly potentially causing potential memory issues - fixed October 2017
  • http interfacer implementation that attempts to send the entire buffer content in a single request to the remote emoncms, likely overloading the emoncms installation or/and failing resulting in a repeated attempts.

Having not quite understood how emonhub worked when I created the emon-pi variant I had somehow removed functionality that did work and replaced it with something that didnt work as well. I have now reverted the buffering code on the emon-pi variant to mirror @pb66’s experimental branch to fix the buffering issue.

The latest version of the emonhub emon-pi variant with these bug fixes is now available (release v2.1.0). This is in an interim update to the emon-pi variant as we are still working through our discussion of the future direction of emonhub as mentioned above.

To Upgrade EmonPi/EmonBase: Just run emonpi/emonbase update from Setup > Adminstration

Or update with git, or download the latest version here


Just to add to @Trystan’s note above, this only affects users using the emon-pi variant, there have been no changes to the original emonhub versions at this point.

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Changes made in this “interim update”

(includes subsequent fix required for Emonpi display info bug - see commit)

[edit - excludes subsequent fix for the Inputs Nodes Value only rssi Error after update of Emoncms version low-write 9.8.28 issue - see commit]